RMT on continuing chaos at London Bridge this morning

RMT on continuing chaos at London Bridge this morning

9 March 2015

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said: “Despite the horrific scenes of crushing and overcrowding at London Bridge last week RMT members on the platforms and on the trains have warned that the situation at the station is like a tinder box where the slightest spark can plunge them back into total chaos.

“This morning’s latest delays and pressures are now the norm at one of London’s busiest stations and it affects all operators through London Bridge – Southern, Southeastern and Thameslink. It doesn’t help that the Mayor and Transport for London seem confused as to who the operators are and what services are being disrupted.

“Last week we saw similar dangerous scenes at Oxford Circus which comes under the Mayor’s control so the idea that he has the answers to the massive pressures on London’s transport system is not supported by the facts of life on the tube network.

“RMT is sick and tired of all the talk and empty promises and only urgent action can put a stop to this recurring nightmare for passengers and staff alike. The root cause is the fragmentation and chaos of privatisation which leaves a myriad of companies and contractors trying to blame each other. That nonsense, and the continuing cuts to staffing and maintenance,  has to stop.”


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