RMT on latest mechanical failure of a helicopter

RMT on latest mechanical failure of a helicopter

19 November 2019

RMT Press Office:

OFFSHORE Energy trade union RMT responded to the latest mechanical failure of a helicopter transporting offshore oil and gas workers back home from the North Sea.

General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“It’s a huge relief that no one was hurt as a result of this latest emergency landing. The effect of commercial pressure on helicopter safety remains a serious concern to my members, including those drilling for new sources of oil and gas under the North Sea.

“This latest incident also highlights the problems associated with the ageing S-92 fleet which makes the bulk of flights offshore.

“The next Government in Westminster needs to ensure that offshore helicopter safety performance improves and the best way to do that would be to launch a public inquiry into offshore helicopter safety including the effects of commercial pressure on these vital operations.”


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