RMT on Northern being taken into public ownership

RMT on Northern being taken into public ownership

29 January 2020

RMT Press Office:

BRITAIN'S MAIN RAIL UNION RMT has responded to news today that the Government have been forced yet again to mount a public sector rescue operation on a collapsed franchise – this time Northern – by demanding that the whole broken private franchise model be swept away and replaced by an integrated, publicly owned railway from top to bottom.

Mick Cash, General Secretary of Britain's largest rail union RMT, said;

“Northern has become a signal for everything that is wrong on Britain's broken, privatised railways and the fact that the Government have now been forced to take this action today will open the floodgates towards wholesale public ownership of our railways as other franchises fall like dominoes or simply choose to cut and run in the face of the inevitable.

“The return of Northern to the public domain, joining the East Coast Main Line, should not be seen as a short term fix and a holding operation pending another punt on another bunch of private speculators. This has to be a permanent move followed up with the investment and planning needed to deliver the rail services that passengers deserve after years of privatised chaos.

“RMT will take whatever action is required to protect our members, their jobs and their conditions, caught in the crossfire of the rail franchise meltdown and the union will now be stepping up the campaign for the whole industry to now be brought back together ‎as an integrated, national public service shaking off the grim legacy of 25 years of private profiteering.”


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