RMT on Scotrail franchise award

RMT on Scotrail franchise award

8 October 2014

RMT Press Office

Rail union RMT responds to reports that Dutch state-owned Abellio are to be awarded the Scotrail franchise.

General Secretary Mick Cash said


"It is scandalous that just a few weeks after the referendum, and promises from all quarters that the Scottish people would have an increased say in every aspect of their lives, that the continued privatisation of Scotland's railways has been bulldozed through with the SNP colluding with the political elite in Westminster to deny the opportunity for this franchise to be brought back into public ownership.


There is no question that this whole franchising process could and should have been halted, pending the ratification of the post referendum devolution settlement, instead of rushing headlong into a deal that will deny the Scottish people ownership and control of their railways for many years to come. RMT has legal advice confirming that this process could have been suspended, leaving the responsibility for this fit up firmly in the court of the politicians who promised one thing and then delivered the same old profiteering business model. 


Scotland could have taken control of its own railways, instead they have opted to go Dutch, meaning that profits will be sucked out of the system to underpin investment and fares in Holland. It is a disgraceful and shameful betrayal of the Scottish people and makes a mockery of promises made both before and immediately after the referendum vote. RMT will continue the fight for public ownership with every means at our disposal. "



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