RMT on Southern owner Go-Ahead Surge in Profits

RMT on Southern owner Go-Ahead Surge in Profits

2 September 2016

RMT Press Office:

Profits at Southern Rail owner up by 27%

Revenues surge to £3.4 billion and statutory profits to £99.8 million.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"While Go-Ahead have been driving Britain's biggest rail franchise into total meltdown the cash has been sloshing through the boardroom at obscene levels. This is reward for total failure on a scale which is off the map.

"Just a fraction of these profits would be enough to keep the guards on Southern trains, keep the passengers safe and resolve the industrial dispute between RMT and the company. It is shameful that they have opted to hoard cash instead of protecting the travelling public.

"This profit announcement comes just a day after the Government propped up Southern with yet another £20 million of taxpayers cash. The company could clearly fund improvements ‎themselves if they weren't wholly dedicated to trousering fare-payers money in shed loads.

"It is also deeply cynical that Southern/Go Ahead have brought forward this mega profit announcement so it doesn't clash with the strike action by guards next week. They are a money-raking disaster that has turned Britain's railways into a global laughing stock and they should be slung out and replaced by the public sector option."


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