RMT on talks with Chris Grayling today

RMT on talks with Chris Grayling today

21 July 2017

RMT Press Office:

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"RMT has met with Chris Grayling this afternoon and we have had a full and frank exchange and views and the Secretary of State has now had an opportunity to get a clear understanding of RMT's position on Southern Rail and the broader issue of how the extension of DOO impacts nationally on other rail franchises.


"RMT will supply Mr Grayling with a cop‎y of the unions clear and viable proposals for resolving the Southern dispute and the Secretary of State has agreed to meet us again‎.


"We will also be seeking further meetings with Southern and the other train companies 

 as we seek to move forwards in the interests of safe and accessible rail services for all."


"Finally the Secretary of state agreed that we would also have further discussions regarding our concerns in respect of of the loss of skilled rail jobs as a result of the scaling back of Network Rails renewals programme."



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