RMT on today's Transport Focus survey

RMT on today's Transport Focus survey

30 January 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT says that today's Transport Focus survey shows passengers continuing to get a raw deal on Britain's rip-off, privatised railways

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary said:

“Today’s Transport Focus survey shows that passengers are continuing to get a raw deal on Britain’s rip-off, privatised railways and once again the case for an end to profiteering, and a return to public ownership, is reinforced by the findings.

“The fact that South Western Railway has been singled out for criticism is no surprise to RMT.  This is a franchise that has been riddled with problems since the day the new operator took over and instead of facing up to the chaos on their patch the company has instead decided to plough on with profit-driven plans to axe guards from their trains.

“The bottom line is that the British passenger continues to pay the highest fares in Europe to travel on rammed-out, unreliable services where private profit comes before public safety.  It is no surprise that the surge of support for public ownership of our railways continues to grow and it is now no longer a case of if our rail services will return to public hands, it’s a question of when.”

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