RMT on two million pound Network Rail fine by ORR

RMT on two million pound Network Rail fine by ORR

10 August 2015

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said; "With Network Rail a publicly owned body, the ORR imposing multi-million pound fines is effectively the taxpayer fining themselves and that is a ludicrous way to run a railway. The fines will have to be paid for by axing works ‎or cutting staff , creating a vicious cycle of decline that is self-defeating and will just mean more fines and more cuts in the future which is a nonsense.

"There are deep-seated issues around fragmentation and a proliferation of contractors and agencies on our tracks ‎, alongside a national skills shortage and budget pressures, which are compromising infra-structure projects and which will not be dealt with by handing out fines that simply compound the problems.

"RMT is demanding a coherent and joined-up approach to running our railways which of course means public ownership and an end to fragmentation and profiteering. If the money that is being bled out of our railways by the private train companies was reinvested in upgrading and improving services we would be able to meet all of the demands that are being thrown at us and cut passenger fares at the same time. "


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