RMT on Waterloo this morning

RMT on Waterloo this morning

29 August 2017

RMT Press Office:

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"RMT's engineering members have worked flat out against the clock in an effort to hit punishing schedules to deliver the wholesale re-modelling of Waterloo on time. It was always going to be a massive challenge and the men and women who have battled against the odds at the sharp end deserve nothing but praise.

"However, let's be clear, the financial beneficiaries of all this effort and public investment are the new Chinese owners of South Western Trains who will be able to cream off even fatter profits from longer and more frequent services without stumping up a penny piece for the new infra-structure costs.

"That makes it even more scandalous that First MTR don't even have the decency to promise the travelling public a safety-critical guard on their new trains. This company are benefiting big time from the British taxpayer and they should be forced to give a guarantee on safety and access and that means honouring the long-standing agreement with RMT to retain the guard on South Western Trains."


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