RMT partners with Unionlearn and Wranx

RMT partners with Unionlearn and Wranx

1 August 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT partners with Unionlearn and Wranx to provide free training to union members

From the 30th July, members will be able to access a brand new learning resource for free

Wranx is an online training tool that can be accessed on any device. It uses the scientific method of Spaced Repetition to provide learning that improves knowledge retention in as little as 2–3 minutes of training a day.

Wranx utilises ‘drills’ – a series of around 10 questions a day that are user friendly and allows learners to assess their understanding of questions using one of six different ratings, from ‘Nailed it’ to ‘Failed it’, scheduling the question to appear again at a later date to reinforce learning.

Members will be able to choose from a variety of training topics delivered by Wranx that will educate and assist them further in their role. This includes ten GCSE Maths & English revision modules, which have been written in conjunction with Gateshead College.

Some of the courses available include:

● GCSE (English & Maths)
● Functional Skills Level 1 (English & Maths)
● Functional Skills Level 2 (English & Maths)
● Raising Awareness: Menopause in the Workplace
● Raising Awareness: Mental Health (for Healthcare Professionals)
● Raising Awareness: Mental Health
● An Introduction to Online Security
● An Introduction to Substance Misuse (for Healthcare Professionals)
● An Introduction to Substance Misuse
● Everyday English: Punctuation

To see all courses and sign up, visit: https://unionlearn.ulp.wranx.com

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