RMT pays tribute to army of workers

RMT pays tribute to army of workers

20 January 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT pays tribute to army of workers battling to keep rail services running in appalling weather conditions.

RAIL UNION RMT has paid tribute to the army of workers who have battled to keep services running overnight in appalling conditions and has repeated the call for the Government to ensure that the transport workforce are clearly identified as essential staff with appropriate priority for COVID vaccination.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"I want to pay tribute to the army of staff who have once again been out there overnight battling in appalling conditions to keep services running so that we can keep Britain's essential workers, freight and transport infrastructure moving.

"With forecasts of worse weather to come over the next few days it's important that we shine on a light on those who play such a crucial role on our transport network but are often hidden from view.

"RMT is repeating the call for Government to recognise that transport workers are essential workers and should be a priority for support and vaccination, along with our colleagues in other key industries and sectors, as we tackle the combined impact of severe winter weather conditions and the COVID-19 pandemic."


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