RMT pledges full support for general strike in Belgium

RMT pledges full support for general strike in Belgium

15 December 2014

RMT Press Office

British transport union RMT today pledged full support and solidarity with workers across Belgium who are taking strike action today as part of the fight back against EU austerity.

The general strike has already had an impact on Eurostar services in and out of London.
The Belgian unions are fighting  government plans to bulldoze through measures  which include raising the pension age, freezing wages and imposing massive public service cuts - cuts mirrored throughout the EU as the austerity and privatisation agenda rips through working class communities across the Continent.

The Belgian union resistance kicked off last month with 100,000 people taking part in a march in Brussels. Today’s general strike has halted underground trains, buses and trams throughout Belgium, with high-speed trains to France, the Netherlands and Germany suspended, along with Eurostar services to London.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Our comrades in Belgium are showing the way today with general strike action that is a beacon to workers fighting austerity across the EU.

“Across Europe it is pay, jobs, pensions and public services that are being battered by the EU-wide austerity agenda while the bankers, spivs and speculators who caused this crisis have walked away unscathed and are back in business now with their snouts firmly in the trough.

“RMT salutes the action by our comrades in the unions across Belgium today and pledges solidarity to all workers and communities who have had the courage and determination to fight back.”

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