RMT pledges to fight break up of Network Rail

RMT pledges to fight break up of Network Rail

29 November 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT pledges to fight break up and privatisation of Network Rail under Grayling "Rail Plan"

General Secretary Mick Cash said

"The government's answer to the fragmented, privatised chaos on rail services is another dose of fragmentation and privatisation, this time targeting Network Rail and the tracks and infra structure the trains run on.

"Once the private train operators get their claws into the infrastructure they won't let go until they've seized complete control and sweated our rail assets for every penny they can. That is the nature of the beast as Britain's long-suffering rail users know only too well.

"This move would smash the national rail infrastructure to bits, lining it up for privatisation and a return to the lethal days of Railtrack which led us to a series of rail disasters. RMT will fight these dangerous, profit driven plans with every tool at our disposal. "


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