RMT protest this Wednesday at Hamilton Central Station

RMT protest this Wednesday at Hamilton Central Station

19 June 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT protest this Wednesday over violence against staff at Hamilton Central Station

MEMBERS OF rail union RMT will be protesting at Hamilton Central Railway Station at 1700 hours on Wednesday the 21st of June over a surge in violence towards staff – a situation which the union says management are choosing to ignore despite repeated RMT warnings.

RMT members will be at the station with banners, flags and publicity materials highlighting the escalation in violence and anti-social behaviour over the past two years. The protest is focussing on the scandalous situation at Hamilton Central but reflects a problem with violence and abuse across the network.

In a leaflet that RMT members will be handing out to passengers the union says:
“Workers at this railway station are under direct fear of violence and other variations of assault whilst  just turning up for work to serve you.

For over two years we have asked the employer to take action.

We have yet to see any significant action or change from Scotrail on the matter; that is why we are holding this demonstration. We are desperate to see changes that give our members and workers here at Hamilton Central some protection from violence and assault whilst they are at work.

We do not believe that is too much to ask for in 2017.

What rail staff at Hamilton Central are saying...

•             “The gangs are winning; it's open season on
                employees with no protection from the

•             “It's a struggle every day going in to work…
                I’m afraid to go out of the booking office.”

•             “As a lone worker, I feel very vulnerable at
                this time and struggling to cope at work.”

Mick Cash, RMT General Secretary, said:
“It is truly appalling that rail workers have no option but to mount protests to force the rail operators and the Scottish Government to wake up and take action over the surge in violence at Hamilton Central and other points on the Scottish rail network.

“Our members are telling us in stark terms that the gangs are winning and it is open season on the front-line rail staff who are offered no serious protection by Scotrail. There are also clearly some issues in terms of the justice system and the restrictions it places on the police in terms of taking serious action to stop the gangs.

“This scandal has to stop before it’s too late and RMT expects those in control to take responsibility and act to protect our members out there in dangerous and vulnerable conditions. ”


These are the words of the ORR – the rail safety regulator.
REGULATOR: workers should be protected
from Violence & anti-social behaviour.

“We inspected two operators’ violence to staff prevention arrangements and both acknowledged the significance of the issue to their operations. Both operators’ Managing Directors had endorsed their violence to staff prevention policies. However, we found no assessment of local risks, despite their significance and a failure to review risk assessments – some were last reviewed in 2007. We pushed the operators to improve arrangements, which led one operator to focus on training their frontline staff, supplemented with additional specialist training. However, another operator relies on the British Transport Police to investigate the causes of incidents, which means important preventative lessons may be missed”.  
Office of Rail & Road – July 2016

The Department of Transport’s guidance on Anti-social behaviour on public transport: safety measures can be found at http://bit.ly/2siUo9Y

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