RMT Rail Strike Update

RMT Rail Strike Update

7 December 2022

RMT Press Office:

Strike to go ahead.

RMT has just heard from the RDG and there will be no revised offer from them on the TOC-side of the dispute and they have been instructed by the Government instead to take on the strike action set out, rather than trying to resolve the dispute through negotiations.

It is now absolutely clear that the RDG’s attempts to resolve the dispute by making a revised and improved offer have been blocked by the Government.

The companies know that RMT cannot, and never will, accept the implementation of Driver Only Operation (DOO) as a national principle for operating the railways.

It is also clear that it is the Government itself, and not the RDG, that insisted that DOO was inserted in to the proposals on Sunday evening as a pre-condition, and the responsibility for the failure to progress proposals towards a resolution lies solely with the Government, who have torpedoed the dispute resolution process.

The planned Industrial action for RMT Train Operating Company members goes ahead as scheduled as there is no resolution to the dispute and in fact a resolution to the dispute is now further away due to the Government’s late intervention in the negotiating process.

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