RMT Railway Worker Survey

RMT Railway Worker Survey

31 May 2019

RMT Press Office:

On day Government Rail Review closes RMT Survey reveals nine out of 10 railway workers believe their company is more interested in making a profit than providing a service.

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Nine out of 10 railway workers believe their company is more interested in making a profit than providing a service, and that the railways should be returned to public ownership, according to a new survey carried out by rail union RMT.

On the closing day of the call for evidence from the Government commissioned Williams Review into the future of the railways a new survey shows nine out of 10 rail workers believe their company is more interested in making a profit than providing a service and value for money.

The survey of rail workers by the largest rail union also found that nine out of 10 workers believed that the railways would work better as a single national unified organisation under public ownership.

Worryingly, for safety and future industrial relations eight out of 10 workers feared that their company would seek to increase profits at the expense of jobs and conditions in the future. Eight out of 10 workers also felt that public ownership would lead to better industrial relations on the railways.

There were hundreds of comments from RMT rail members, describing an industry in which the pursuit of private profit drives all decision making.

Comments included:

“Removing booked stops at stations for a service into London, thus inconveniencing and delaying passengers, just so the company minimises its delay minutes.”

“The whole railway infrastructure is comprised of a ‘blame culture’ where every company is competing against others, and blaming each other for the problems arising instead of striving for one common goal.”

“Lack of investment in routine maintenance stores up problems which then become problems for the day to day running of the trains, which then cost far more in the long run.”

“The company has had a massive reduction in ticket office clerks. This is putting passengers last. It has caused very long waiting times at the ticket office but the company doesn’t seem to care.”

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;

 “Chris Grayling commissioned this report to hide the failures of privatisation, rising fares and timetable chaos and his own incompetence as Transport Secretary.

“Governments and rail companies come and go but railway workers remain working hard in often very difficult circumstances to keep our railways running safely for passengers.

“Railway workers know first-hand that the only way to deliver a railway which provides value for money and puts passengers first is for it to be fully renationalised.  The government should listen to the people who actually make our railways work.”


Notes for editors

The survey is based on the responses of 800  rail workers who are members of RMT employed across the railway. The survey was conducted from 23-27th May 2019.





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