RMT raises Coronavirus concerns with Transport Secretary

RMT raises Coronavirus concerns with Transport Secretary

26 February 2020

RMT Press Office

TRANSPORT UNION RMT has raised concerns again today at the lack of clear and consistent advise regarding the Coronavirus with the Transport Secretary, Grant Shapps. The union was prompted to write for the second time following an incident at Leeds Station yesterday.

In the letter, RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:

“I write with concern that I have not yet received a reply to my letter of 17th February 2020 requesting urgent advice regarding the coronavirus.

“As you may know there was an incident with LNER at Leeds Station yesterday when a member of the public boarded a train and then informed staff that he had been advised to self-isolate. This has led to LNER circulating their own guidance to staff, but this is only one company out of the many that operate in our transport network.

“Again I must stress that it is imperative that clear and consistent advice is provided by the Department of Transport as a matter of urgency given that our members are dealing with the health and wellbeing not-only of themselves but the travelling public across the transport sector. Without such guidance we will be forced to advise our members as best we can for the safety of all involved.

“I can only stress the urgency of the situation and again request a response at your earliest convenience.”

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