RMT reiterates "Vote Leave" message

RMT reiterates

22 June 2016

RMT Press Office:

Transport union reiterates "Vote Leave" message on eve of EU referendum.

One of Britain's most powerful unions today urged its members and trade unionists to vote for "hope not fear" in the EU referendum and support a leave vote.

In an email  to union members, RMT leader Mick Cash voted urged union members and their families to :

"….ignore the scare mongering of recent weeks and vote for hope over fear."

In the letter RMT General Secretary Mick Cash says:

" Millions of trade unionists and working people will be voting leave because they want the hope of a better future at work and at home."

"Hope that we can be free to develop our industries and public services free, from EU driven privatisation and deregulation.

"Hope that we can be free to pursue policies that promote jobs and prosperity, free from EU driven austerity.

"Hope for fair employment where all workers get the proper rate for the job, free from undercutting and a  EU race to the bottom.

"Hope that we can take back democracy so we can make laws that benefit  our communities  not corporations - and be free from laws and corporate carve ups that we have never voted for such as TTIP."

"Hope for a better world and true international solidarity beyond fortress Europe."


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