RMT rejects derisory pay offer for offshore caterers

RMT rejects derisory pay offer for offshore caterers

29 June 2023

RMT Press Office:

RMT has rejected a pitiful pay offer from the Caterers Offshore Association (COTA).

Members of the offshore union feel insulted by the dreadful offer and RMT officials will be meeting again the employer on July 5 to seek an improved situation.

The offer is made up of 2.42% pay rise with only £140 for lodging and travel expenses.

This is when travel and lodging expenses are increasing towards double that amount.

Mick Lynch, general secretary Mick Lynch said: "COTA knew full well that this offer was not acceptable to our members who work extremely hard in the offshore sector.

"Our union will now seek an improved offer - one that recognises the dedication of our members and goes some way to dealing with the ongoing cost of living crisis.

"If a solution is not found, then it is inevitable we will go into dispute and strike action would remain an option for our members."

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