RMT repeats call for urgent action on Tube

RMT repeats call for urgent action on Tube

1 December 2016

RMT Press Office:

RMT repeats call for urgent action as tube crisis spills over to other lines.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;


"It is shocking that the union call for an urgent summit to address the continuing problems on the Piccadilly Line are being ignored. RMT is receiving regular reports of serious and dangerous overcrowding on stations as this crisis is allowed to drag on. ‚ÄéThere are not enough staff to deal safely with the daily crowd control issues which are worsening almost by the minute.


"This morning the problems have spilled over to other lines including Central where a further shortage of trains is now being reported. The cuts to station staffing numbers must be reversed as the weight of passengers numbers builds up like a pressure cooker throughout the network.


"This dire situation on fleet and staffing cannot be allowed to rumble on and RMT repeats the call for urgent action. "



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