RMT responds to collapse in East Coast performance

RMT responds to collapse in East Coast performance

4 June 2015

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said: "It is no surprise to RMT that in first month of private operation the performance of east coast has declined compared to when it was under public ownership and these figures again demonstrate this privatisation was based on pure, hard-right, Thatcherite ideology and an act of industrial vandalism that smashed apart Britain's most successful rail company for just one reason - it was publicly owned."


As well as an immediate decline in punctuality in the first month of private operation, in the last year of operation in the public sector, East Coast recorded period punctuality figures that were on average, just under 4% better than Virgin West Coast, where the private operator has received billions of public money for new track and trains.
Calculating the average over the 13 periods of 2014-15, East Coast was 88.5% whereas Virgin West Coast was 84.7%.

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