RMT responds to confirmation of GTR emergency timetable

RMT responds to confirmation of GTR emergency timetable

5 July 2016

RMT Press Office:

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said: “This is crisis management on Britain's biggest rail franchise, a franchise that is now in terminal meltdown. The continuing attempt to blame this gross mismanagement on the front line staff is a cynical and cowardly ploy by a company who have chosen to wage war on their passengers and workforce alike.

“The managers at GTR pay themselves fat salaries and bonuses, in reward for failure on an epic scale, while the staff on the trains and platforms are left to take the blame for the bosses incompetence.
“This so called emergency timetable enables Govia to cancel 15% of their trains and rig their appalling performance figures to protect their profits.

“Instead of conniving with this scandal the Government should fire GTR and immediately instruct the legal, public-sector fall-back operation to take over.”

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