RMT responds to Government "new trains for the North" spin

RMT responds to Government

8 January 2015

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said;"Once again this is more spin over substance from the government but it shows clearly that they are having to respond to the ongoing RMT campaign‎.

Ministers are terrified about the fact that the new May railways timetable will come in days before the general election and today's move is a thinly disguised attempt to deflect from the truth that when that new timetable comes in, many services in the north will lose modern trains which will be sent to the south.

It just doesn't stack up that the government can be offering any meaningful improvement in capacity  in services when its  franchise proposals mean the loss of thousands of frontline rail staff making it impossible to deliver a safe and efficient service for passengers‎. RMT's campaign will continue. "


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