RMT responds to Grayling move to ban strikes

RMT responds to Grayling move to ban strikes

13 December 2016

RMT Press Office:

Union says stop the threats and start talking

General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Instead of taking action to resolve the disputes on Southern Rail the Transport Secretary has chosen to jack up the rhetoric with his threat to ban strikes and to strip rail workers of their fundamental human rights. Threatening to stop workers from taking action to protect passenger and staff safety is a recipe for carnage on our rail services. Private companies like Southern would be given the green light to rip up the safety rule book and to run riot with lethal consequences.

“There is a solution to this dispute and it’s the solution that the unions were able to negotiate with Scotrail when we were faced with similar issues across Scotland’s railways. Mr Grayling, and his contractors Southern Rail, refuse point blank to even look at the Scottish settlement and then they accuse us of political action when it’s their intransigence which is blocking any progress.

“RMT remains on standby for serious talks and instead of throwing out more threats and more attacks on the front-line rail workers Mr Grayling should be getting out of his bunker, getting a grip on the situation and dragging his contractors back to the negotiating table.”


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