RMT responds to Just Transition Commission report

RMT responds to Just Transition Commission report

13 December 2023

RMT Press Office:

The Just Transition Commission has released their Annual Report for 2023 claiming that Scotland is not on track to deliver a just transition in energy, and “significant” further action and support is needed for the workforce.

Responding to the report's publication, Offshore union RMT General Secretary, Mick Lynch said: “The Just Transition Commissioners in Scotland are absolutely right – there can be no more ‘business as usual’ on just transition issues anymore. 
"We urgently need to head off potential job losses in offshore oil and gas through a combination of pro-public procurement, resilient public transport networks and a digital training passport that works for our members and not one sector of industry.
"RMT stand ready to work with the Commission and the Scottish Government to deliver the specific plans and policies that our members in Scotland’s rail, maritime and offshore sectors need to safeguard their futures.”

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