RMT responds to RSSB 2018-19 Business Plan

RMT responds to RSSB 2018-19 Business Plan

9 April 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT responds to RSSB 2018-19 Business Plan - "A better, safer railway "

RMT General Secretary, Mick Cash, said:
“Once again the RSSB peddle the myth of their role as an  independent safety organisation.

“The RSSB is financed by their members and associates from Network Rail,  the train operating companies and the freight operating companies.  There is nothing independent in the way they operate – they are sucking finances from the rail industry to deliver answers that the employers desire to suit their own agendas and which maximise profit for their shareholders by watering down safety procedures and standards.  It’s a gravy train of greed as we have seen from their continued support for the removal of safety critical guards from our trains.

“The current RSSB is as far away from Lord Cullen’s idea of a railway safety organisation independent of the industry as it could possibly be. RSSB and the ORR are now merely a mouthpiece of the Government cheerleaders the Rail Delivery Group – all jamming their noses in the corporate trough and supporting a safety programme that suits the speculators and not the passengers or railway workers.”


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