RMT responds to TfL pension proposals

RMT responds to TfL pension proposals

24 October 2022

RMT Press Office:

RMT has accused TfL bosses of colluding in imposing a £100m pension cut.

RMT has accused TfL bosses of colluding in imposing a £100m pension cut that they know is wrong and will result in members being 30% worse off in retirement.

As part of its funding deals with the government, TfL has agreed to work up options for reforming TfL’s pension scheme. In their latest report TfL admit that there is no deficit in the scheme and that the government’s demand of a £100 million cut in the annual cost of pension provision is unnecessary, unfair and will result in punitive cuts to members pensions. Yet they continue to work up options for the government to undertake attacks they know to be unjust.

LU managers are also planning at least 600 station staff job cuts and are undermining agreements to support work life balance on the tube.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "TfL’s latest pensions paper clearly shows the depths to which this government is prepared to stoop, demanding that our members take 30% cuts in their pensions in retirement in pursuit of a cut that TfL know is completely unnecessary.  

"It’s shameful that TfL continues to participate in this morally bankrupt process. Our members’ pensions have become bargaining chips in a one-sided negotiation with a spite-filled government and with no one else prepared to stand up and fight for working people, RMT members have to do it themselves.

"This union will never accept such attacks on our membership and will continue its industrial campaign until we get a just deal."

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