RMT responds to UK Government's Just Transition Declaration at COP26

RMT responds to UK Government's Just Transition Declaration at COP26

5 November 2021

RMT Press Office:

TRANSPORT AND OFFSHORE ENERGY union RMT today called on Governments to begin work with trade unions on a Just Transition Plan for good, unionised jobs in the green economy, following the publication of the Just Transition Declaration by the UK Presidency of COP26 in Glasgow.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“Workers in oil and gas, transport and the supply chain need confidence in the COP process. A refreshed Just Transition declaration from the UK Presidency of COP26 is welcome, effectively mandating practical measures such as an Offshore Energy Passport.

“This declaration's commitment to social dialogue also gives trade unions in the UK and internationally, the right to participate in discussions with governments and employers on Just Transition Plans and to successfully fight against short sighted attacks on workers' jobs, pay and conditions.

“COP26 is right to stress that the planet faces a climate emergency. Skilled workers have also been in a state of emergency for years now. The pandemic has accelerated the loss of jobs and skills in offshore oil and gas and in transport at a time when these industries are changing in order to fight climate change. We can't have any more delay.

“RMT call on Governments in the UK to work with trade unions on the Just Transition Plans that will deliver for the offshore and transport workers who are essential in the fight to save the planet.”


  1. The UK Presidency of COP26 published its Just Transition Declaration last night. It is supported by a minority of countries but these include Norway, USA and Canada - all major fossil fuel economies.
  2. In 2013 there were 440,000 domestic jobs supported by the UK oil and gas sector. That figure has fallen to 180,000.
  3. Over 2,000 seafarers are estimated to have lost their jobs since the start of the pandemic.
  4. Figures released yesterday showed that 16,000 bus driver jobs have been cut in the last decade.
  5. Thousands of essential rail worker jobs are at risk at train operating companies and Network Rail.
  6. Rail and maritime are the most carbon efficient modes of passenger and freight transport.
  7. A long running disagreement between training standards bodies OPITO (oil and gas) and GWO (offshore wind) continues to prevent the introduction practical Just Transition measures such as an Offshore Energy Passport which the UK Government called for in the Offshore Wind Sector Deal in March 2019.

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