RMT response to Grayling statement

RMT response to Grayling statement

4 June 2018

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"This is just the usual stream of hot air, broken promises and buck passing that we have come to expect from Chris Grayling and no one believes a single word of it. 
"I challenge the Transport Secretary to come and join some of my members at the sharp end facing abuse and threats while the services he is responsible for collapse into chaos. They should not be left hanging out to dry as human shields for failed Tory privatisation dogma.
"The only solution to the curren‎t shambles is to sack these useless private operators and return Britain's rail services to public ownership. RMT will continue to fight for that objective and the delivery of a reliable, safe and accessible rail service for all. 
"If there was a World Cup for total and abject failure they wouldn't even ‎bother having a tournament. They would just give Chris Grayling the trophy and send everyone else home."

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