RMT response to Minimum Service Levels Bill

RMT response to Minimum Service Levels Bill

20 October 2022

RMT Press Office:

Transport union RMT today slammed "autocratic" new anti union laws designed to end effective industrial action on the railways.

Legislation is being put forward by the government focused solely on the railways and legally preventing workers from having the right to withdraw their labour.

Amongst the new raft of threats being levelled at RMT members includes:

Unions will lose legal protections from damages if minimum service is not delivered

Specified workers who still take strike action will lose their protection from automatic unfair dismissal.

RMT general secretary Mick Lynch said: "This cynical piece of legislation outlaws effective legal industrial action on our railways.

"It is an autocratic move from an increasingly despotic Prime Minister trying to cling on to her fledging premiership.

"All democrats whether inside or outside parliament must oppose this draconian attempt to clamp down on the fundamental human right to strike.

"RMT and the entire trade union movement will not accept unjust anti union laws and I call upon all workers in Britain to mount the fiercest civil resistance possible, in the proud traditions of the chartists and suffragettes."

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