RMT response to RAIB report into accidents and near misses

RMT response to RAIB report into accidents and near misses

13 April 2017

RMT Press Office:

RAIB have today 13th April, published an investigation into a number of accidents and near misses on the Network Rail controlled infrastructure. While there are many risks to track workers on the railway network the most catastrophic are when the separation between workers and moving trains and equipment breaks down.

RMT staff and representatives gave evidence to RAIB during their investigation and our concerns are widely reflected in the report.


RMT call on Network Rail to instigate urgent talks between the company, the Office of Road and Rail and the union to work collaboratively and draw up a plan to implement the recommendations in the report.


RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:


“Network Rail need to take the recommendations in this report from RAIB with the utmost seriousness. RMT members face a daily risk of being hit by a train or other equipment. Over the years many of our members have been killed  or seriously injured in incidents like these. We owe it to them to ensure worker deaths on the railway are brought to an end.”



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