RMT rips apart Southern Rail's bogus claims

RMT rips apart Southern Rail's bogus claims

9 March 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT rips apart Southern Rail's bogus claims about impact of guards action.

RAIL UNION RMT today ripped apart bogus claims coming out of Southern Rail that the continuing guards’ industrial action in the fight for rail safety is having a diminishing impact.

With the next 24 hour strike due for Monday 13th March, RMT sets out the facts:

•    The company claims on the number of trains that they are set to run are bogus, rigged and not borne out by the passenger feedback on strike days on the impact of the RMT’s continuing campaign.
•    The collapse in the GTR share price, and the company warnings that the action will hit them hard well into 2018, makes a nonsense of their protests that the action is having a diminishing impact.
•    Managers from elsewhere in GTR operations are being swung in at considerable cost, both in cash terms and disruption to work elsewhere, to try and break the strike.
•    The taxpayer continues to prop up the failing Southern Rail operations on both strike days and during “normal” operations due to the twisted and flawed management contract which leaves all risks underpinned by the public purse.
•    The strike breaking operation is denting the morale of managers drafted in with limited training to fulfil guards roles and is further damaging industrial relations throughout the company
•    The company claim of adequate “safety training” has been exposed as a deception and a sham.

RMT general secretary Mick Cash said:
“Instead of spinning fantasies about the continuing impact of the guards’ action on Southern Rail the company should be round the table with the union looking for a solution that protects safe operation and which underpins the guard guarantee on the Southern services.

“RMT repeats again today the call for genuine and serious talks that cut through the barrage of spin and hype from the company and which set for a framework for a safe and sustainable solution to Britain’s longest-running industrial dispute.


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