RMT says cut the talking and terminate Northern franchise

RMT says cut the talking and terminate Northern franchise

21 October 2019

RMT Press Office:

On a day when there's yet another wave of high profile criticism of Arriva's Northern Rail operation over broken promises on the removal of the clapped-out Pacer trains rail union RMT says that it's time to cut the talking, terminate the contract and bring the whole service into public ownership.

General Secretary Mick Cash said;

"There can be no more warnings, no more second chances and no more special measures. The time has come to sweep the national embarrassment of the Arriva Rail North franchise off the railway for good with the whole operation brought into permanent public ownership.

"This company has failed on an epic scale with the connivance and protection of the Tory Government. The game is clearly up and we need to draw a line and get a public sector operation swung in sharpish. We know it is tooled up and ready to go so why the delay?

"Not only has this Arriva Northern outfit sold passengers down the river but they are also allowing their contractors to get away with imposing poverty pay on their staff. It is a disgrace and RMT will be jacking up the pressure on all these racketeering, basket-case train companies over the coming months as the fight for a public railway ratchets up a notch."


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