RMT says strike action goes ahead this weekend on Rail and Tube

RMT says strike action goes ahead this weekend on Rail and Tube

18 February 2022

RMT Press Office

RAIL AND TUBE UNION RMT said today that strike action will go ahead this weekend as planned in disputes on both rail and tube involving members on TPE and London Underground drivers.

On TransPennine Express conductor members will be out for 24 hours on Sunday in the second phase of a fight for pay justice.

Driver members will be striking on the Night Tube again from this evening to protect work/life balance and ‎stop the wholly unnecessary imposition of night shift working.

Planned action by Train Manager and Senior Conductor members on Cross Country on Saturday in a long running battle to defend jobs and safety has been suspended by the union this morning after a legal challenge by the company utilising the full force of the anti union laws.

General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

"The common thread that runs through all our current disputes is a refusal by RMT members to accept that the employer can hammer down on pay, safety, jobs and working conditions at will. ‎They are about the defence of livelihoods, working conditions, safety and agreements that the management side are seeking to rip apart regardless of the implications for both staff and passengers.

"The other common thread is the abject failure to engage in serious talks. RMT stands ready for genuine negotiations on all fronts but in the meantime our action on TPE and London Underground goes ahead exactly as planned."


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