RMT Scotrail members continue their battle

RMT Scotrail members continue their battle

26 September 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT Scotrail members continue their battle today after ticket examiners vote with conductors to step up the fight for pay justice and equality.

RAIL UNION RMT said that Scotrail members are continuing their fight for pay justice and equality today after ticket examiners joined with conductors again this week to vote overwhelmingly to continue a battle which has now been going on for over seven months

General Secretary Mick Lynch said

"It is nothing short of a scandal that Transport Scotland and the SNP are happy to collude with Scotrail Abellio to try and burn off their staff by using the sledgehammer of the Tory anti-union laws. That tactic has failed again this week with our members voting by nine to one to step up the fight. Their determination and resilience is outstanding.

"It's about time the political elite in Scotland took responsibility for Britain’s longest running industrial dispute which is over the basic issue of pay equality on Scotrail. Instead of sticking their heads in the sand they should be forcing Abellio back to the table with a clear instruction to negotiate a fair settlement.

"RMT has been available to talks to settle this matter since the off and it’s now time for those pulling the strings to take up that offer and bring an end to a dispute which shames Scotland . "

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