RMT Scotrail members fighting on for justice

RMT Scotrail members fighting on for justice

15 August 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT Scotrail members fighting on for justice today as Abellio seek to punish their staff with a pay freeze.

RMT Scotrail members are standing solid and united again today in their fight for workplace justice and equality as the company seek to punish their workforce for having the guts to stand up and be counted with a pay freeze.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

"For over six months RMT members have stood strong on Scotrail in this fight for justice and equality and Abellio are now seeking to punish their entire workforce with a pay freeze that is a deliberate and cynical attempt to rub salt in the wounds.

"Abellio Scotrail and their political bosses should hang their heads in shame as they preside over some of the worst industrial relations we have encountered in recent years, a crisis which the company are now seeking to deepen.

"We continue to press Transport Scotland, the Government and Abellio to break their silence, get out of the bunker and sit down with us to negotiate a fair and just settlement to the current disputes rather than this escalation of hostilities from the employers side."

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