RMT secures major pay victory for Cable Car workers

RMT secures major pay victory for Cable Car workers

13 March 2019

RMT Press Office:

RMT secures major pay victory for Emirates Air Line Cable Car workers

TRANSPORT UNION RMT announced today that it has secured a major pay victory for members working on the Emirates Air Line Cable Car which crosses the River Thames in London.

The new pay deal means that staff will see their wages rise by between 14.35% and 22.35 %.

RMT says that the pay breakthrough proves that when workers are organised into a militant, industrial trade union, they can secure significant pay victories. Operator Grade 1 workers – who were on the lowest pay scale – will receive a 22.35% increase in pay. Operator Grade 2 workers will see an increase of 15.80% and Technicians a rise of 14.35%.

The different pay percentage rates reflect the current labour market equivalents. Any ongoing pay claims will be standardised across all grades.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“This is a massive pay victory for our members employed by DCC Ltd on the Emirates Air Line Cable Car.

“RMT has achieved a significant breakthrough here and a real win for our members who are working in a city with exceptionally high living costs.

“I congratulate our members and their negotiating team who secured such a magnificent result and have shown what trade union membership and being organised in the workplace can achieve.”


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