RMT slams Eurostar sell off as "a pre-election betrayal"

RMT slams Eurostar sell off as

4 March 2015

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said: “The news today that the Government has reached a deal to sell off the British slice of our cash-generating Eurostar assets before the May election is pure Thatcherite industrial vandalism that makes us a laughing stock across Europe.

"The Eurostar sell-off is a gross act of betrayal of the British people by a right wing government hell bent on selling off the family silver regardless of the real cost.
“The French and Belgians think we are insane knocking off such a valuable and strategic infra structure asset.
 “The Eurostar sell off is just another short sighted, pre-election act of public sector destruction based on a bankrupt pro-privatisation ideology coming hot on the heels of the East Coast hand over to Virgin/Stagecoach .”

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