RMT slams Government over offshore helicopter safety inquiry

RMT slams Government over offshore helicopter safety inquiry

27 October 2014

RMT Press Office

Mick Cash, general secretary of offshore union RMT, said “RMT is appalled that the government have point blank refused to hold the full independent and public inquiry into helicopter safety that has been an absolute core demand from the workforce that we represent. An inquiry would have gone some way toward dispelling existing concerns which continue to undermine workforce confidence.

“The failure to agree to a public inquiry leads to the obvious question, “just what have you got to hide?” This response from the government to the Transport Committee represents a complete failure to get to grips with the safety issue in the offshore industry and will send out a wholly negative signal.
“RMT will continue to fight for a public inquiry and will continue to support the families of those who have lost loved-ones in our industry. The fight for the safety of offshore workers goes on.”


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