RMT slams Leicester City Council over black taxi trade

RMT slams Leicester City Council over black taxi trade

3 September 2014

RMT Press Office

TAXI UNION RMT today slammed what it described as “nothing less than a campaign to undermine and harass the licensed taxi trade in Leicester which can be tracked all the way to the front door of the City Council.”

RMT has identified two key areas which have sparked unprecedented levels of anger amongst the City’s black taxi drivers:

1)    Touting - private hire mini-cabs are plying for hire illegally and picking up customers without being pre booked. RMT Leicester Taxi Branch has reported on several occasions to the council the scandal of mini-cab touts continuously picking up illegally and risking the lives of the public as the drivers are uninsured but no further prosecutions have been made. Public safety should be absolutely paramount and must be Leicester City Councils number one priority, however, the Council is failing to carry out regular enforcement to police the issue.

2)    Lack of Ranking Provisions - there is a lack of ranking provisions for licensed taxis and as a result Leicester City  Council’s parking enforcement team is consistently harassing RMT  members. Meanwhile, private hire mini-cabs continuously park illegally all over the city but the council mainly focuses on putting pressure on the black cab drivers. RMT members are in no doubt that they are being mistreated and that the City Council is purposely targeting the black cabs.

RMT Acting General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“The licensed black taxi trade in Leicester is furious at what RMT perceives to a campaign to undermine and harass our members, a campaign which can be tracked all the way to the front door of the City Council.

“The level of anger amongst the black cab drivers is unprecedented and RMT is launching a campaign to end the abuse of the “plying for hire” regulations, the proliferation of bogus mini-cab touts and the shocking lack of ranking provisions for the legal and licensed trade which encourages the dangerous abuses of the system.

“RMT is looking at staging protests in Leicester if the City Council continue to fail to take our members concerns seriously. We will not allow the current hostility to our members, and undermining of the licensed black taxi trade, to continue unchecked.”


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