RMT Slams Network Rail Plans to Sell Off Power Assets

RMT Slams Network Rail Plans to Sell Off Power Assets

4 March 2016

RMT Press Office:

RAIL UNION RMT today slammed new plans imposed on Network Rail by the Tory Government to begin preparations for the sell-off of electrical power assets to global speculators.

The latest move, part of what RMT describes as the “thin end of a long wedge to drag the public Network Rail back to the lethal days of the privatised Railtrack” comes hot on the heels of plans to begin the sell-off of £1.8 billion of NR property assets including a whole raft of high-profile railway stations.

The same global energy companies who are currently robbing Britain’s domestic power customers blind are now set to be unleashed on Britain’s railways with dire consequences.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:
“At the moment the plans for the sell-off of the strategically-crucial Network Rail power assets are sketchy to say the least but the union is no doubt that this is being driven by the Government and fits with everything that is coming out of the Shaw review into NR.

“This is all about asset-stripping, fragmentation and profiteering by global companies at the expense of rail services in the UK and where passengers are seen as little more than self-loading freight whose sole function is to generate share-holder profits. The Network Rail proposals are a mirror of the train operator franchises that have reduced the bulk of our services to nothing more than a privatised cash-cow designed to underpin rail operations in other parts of Europe and around the globe.

“The proliferation of contractors and sub-contractors is already dragging Network Rail’s performance down and the flogging off of the power assets would simply up the ante on the fragmentation that is the root cause of many of the daily problems hitting services.

“RMT is in no doubt that the latest NR plans are ideologically driven by the Government and are just the thin end of a long wedge designed to drag the publicly-owned Network Rail operations back to the lethal days of the privatised Railtrack. RMT will fight this concerted attack on our members and the safety-critical services that they deliver.”

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