RMT slams Osborne's rail fares fraud

RMT slams Osborne's rail fares fraud

7 September 2014

RMT Press Office

RMT acting general secretary Mick Cash said.

"This mornings announcement from George Osborne that rail fares will be jacked up by 2.5% does not stack up to a freeze for millions of people whose incomes are stagnant due to years of austerity. To try and dress this up as benefiting working people is pure fraud on the part of the government 

If you are an MP like George Osborne , about to scoop a pay increase of 9% , then of course you can meet the soaring costs of rail travel as the tab is picked up by the taxpayer.

Tomorrow RMT will be out on at stations across the north where some off peak fares will more than double overnight.  That is the reality of the great private rail fares rip off .


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