RMT slams scandal of northern rail rolling stock

RMT slams scandal of northern rail rolling stock

5 March 2014

Geoff Martin

RAIL UNION RMT slammed as "outrageous and scandalous" news that desperately-needed trains will be moved from the North to the South of England in a manoeuvre that exposes the critical shortage of rail rolling stock due to years of underinvestment, as well as delivering a kick in the teeth to the North.

It has emerged that nine trains currently used by Trans Pennine Express will be moved to Chiltern Railways.

The trains, currently used between Manchester and Hull, will move from April 2015 in a lease agreement despite the fact that the stock is desperately needed on the northern routes.

RMT General Secretary Bob Crow said:
" This move is nothing short of a scandal and ignores the fact that First Trans Pennine Express is already the most overcrowded train service in the UK. As a result of this move, which is supported by the Government and the Transport Department, the route will now lose 13% of its train units which our members have made clear will lead to absolute chaos and dangerous overcrowding."
"Once again the failure to invest in new rolling stock and capacity, combined with the fragmentation and profiteering of privatisation, leaves a trail of wreckage in its wake. Not only that, but the North loses again and rail passengers and staff have nothing to look forward to other than continuing overcrowding and chaos. The only solution is public ownership and an end to the expensive nonsense of privatisation.”

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