RMT slams train overcrowding scandal

RMT slams train overcrowding scandal

9 September 2015

RMT Press Office

RMT slams train overcrowding scandal while rolling stock companies make a fortune.

September 9th 2015





Rail union RMT today blasted the “gross profiteering at public expense” on Britain’s railways as the official  overcrowding report was published today: https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/459330/rail-passengers-crowding-2014.pdf


Headlines include:


·         Overall peak crowding was higher in London than in other cities, with 4.1% of passengers in excess of capacity (PiXC) in London compared to 1.4% PiXC across the other 10 cities. The city with the most crowding outside of London was Manchester with PiXC of 3.3%.


·         139 thousand passengers were standing at trains’ busiest points on arrival into London in the morning peak, 22% of all passengers. 26% of morning peak trains were over capacity and in total 59% had passengers standing


·         In the morning peak 563 thousand passengers arrived by rail into central London (Zone 1 of the travelcard area), a 3% increase from the year before. Just over one million passengers arrived into central London by rail across the whole day.


·         The city outside London with the highest number of passengers was Birmingham, with 39 thousand passengers on board trains arriving into the city centre in the morning peak. Manchester had 31 thousand morning peak arrivals and Leeds 26 thousand.


“Passengers in excess of capacity” increased by:


·         1.2% nationally

·         0.4% outside London

·         1.4% in London


Meanwhile, RMT produced new figures which illustrate the massive profits the rolling stock companies (ROSCO’s) are bleeding from the system while passengers are paying through the nose to stand rammed in to their over-crowded carriages:


Angel trains

Profit after tax over last ten years has been 2006-2014: £1,219,000,000

Gross profit £1,430,500,000


Eversholt Rail Uk Ltd

2011-2014 4 years £88,729,000  gross profit


European Rail Finance Holdings Ltd (IR) Ultimate parent of Eversholt

2010 -2013 Profit after tax £605,962,000


Porterbrook Leasing Company Ltd

Gross profit 2006-2014: £1,196,486,000



RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:


“Today’s rail overcrowding figures are a national disgrace. While much of the focus is on London some of the most overcrowded services are travelling from the North – an area where the attack on jobs and services from shelved investments and the threat to guards is at its sharpest.


“No part of the country is immune from this scandal while the private rail rolling-stock companies are laughing all the way to the bank.


“The case for retaining guards, reversing cuts and moving to a publicly-owned railway run in the public interest is now overwhelming.”



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