RMT slams Transport Secretary attack on workers rights

RMT slams Transport Secretary attack on workers rights

10 January 2015

RMT Press Office

General Secretary Mick Cash said; "This morning the transport secretary and his Tory Party colleagues have outlined plans that would rig strike ballots in favour of the same gang of dodgy bosses that bankroll the Conservatives up to the hilt.

"Let's not forget that the Tories took a huge wedge of cash from Jon Moulton, the guy who folded City Link on Christmas Day leaving thousands of workers facing ruin. It's no surprise that they are demanding new legislation which will tighten the noose of the anti union laws around worker's throats. 
"These same old Tories are elected on pathetic turnouts with minority support but they want one form of democracy for a corrupt political class and another for the organised working class. They will be fought tooth and nail. "

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