RMT steps up the fight against rail cuts on Northern and TPE

RMT steps up the fight against rail cuts on Northern and TPE

31 October 2014

RMT Press Office: Photo © Jess Hurd / RMT

RAIL UNION RMT today stepped up the pressure in the on-going campaign against cuts to rail jobs and services bound up in the Government’s proposals for the future of the Northern and Trans-Pennine Express franchises as the organisation gears up for the lobby of parliament next week on November 4th.

Last month RMT launched a new post card campaign pointing out to passengers that the shock abolition of a wide range of off-peak fares is a taste of what’s to come under the new Northern and Trans-Pennine Express franchises. The union has slammed the Government and Northern Rail for secretly colluding to axe off-peak fares, along with jobs and key services, purely in the name of private profit.

RMT has blasted the franchise moves as “a kick in the teeth for the travelling public and staff alike on Northern and Trans-Pennine Express franchises , reinforcing the importance of the community standing alongside rail workers in the fight to stop the destruction of rail services right across the North”.

RMT has also pointed out the rank hypocrisy of Government ministers talking up plans for an un-costed and vague proposal for a northern “HS3” service, light years off in the future, while at the same time their current franchise plans on existing routes would rip apart services, jobs and safety.

Next week, on November 4th, trade unionists from across the Northern and TPE, along with supporters from the community, will take their case against the franchise plans in a major lobby of parliament - details below.

RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:

“Next week we will be at Parliament taking on the sheer hypocrisy of Government ministers and their Rail North allies who are talking up grand and un-costed plans for HS3 while at the same time, in the here and now, they are driving through proposals that would decimate rail services and rail jobs across the whole of the North.

"The fight to stop the outrageous carve up of jobs and services under the Northern and TPE franchise plans is gathering pace by the day and is sending out the clearest possible message to the Government and Rail North that they need to scrap this attack on transport services. On November 4th we will be taking that message to Parliament in a major lobby of the politicians who can halt this scandalous assault on the North in its tracks.

“Let’s not forget that the core of the Government’s future plans for Northern and TPE is to axe jobs, restrict services, throw the guards off the trains and jack up fares while capacity to meet surging rail demand in the area is left to stagnate. That attack on the fare-paying public has already begun with the abolition of a wide range of off-peak fares and only an all-out and coordinated fight can stop the savage assault on rail in the North.”


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