RMT strike action goes ahead on Northern Rail

RMT strike action goes ahead on Northern Rail

28 September 2017

RMT Press Office:

RMT strike action goes ahead on Northern Rail as company bosses throw out six point plan to resolve dispute.

RAIL UNION RMT has confirmed that strike action on Northern Rail in the guards safety dispute goes ahead exactly as planned next week after the company wrecked talks yesterday that could have mapped out a solution.
Arriva stand accused by the union of treating staff and passengers alike with complete contempt after they reduced the  talks process into a farce and refused to consider a set of six proposals put forward by RMT reps aimed at a negotiated settlement.
As a result of the company’s pig headed attitude the strike action goes ahead on Tuesday and Thursday next week with the blame for the disruption that will be unleashed laying firmly at the door of Arriva.
The six proposals put forward by RMT and rejected by the company were;
1, Acceptance of the Scotrail Agreement, endorsed by Transport for Scotland, whereby the Driver releases the doors, then the Conductor reclaims despatch processes and ensures PTI is observed.
2, to also accept the same operational arrangement that was being considered and negotiated within the Transpennine Franchise and accepted as safe means of operation by the Department of Transport.
3, the commitment to review the onboard role, so long as the Second Safety Critical
Person is retained on all Arriva Rail North Services.
4, to jointly meet with the Department of Transport (DFT) in order of prosecuting our concerns and with the aspiration of seeking an amendment to the franchise specification which suits all respective parties.
5, an offer to meet jointly with ASLEF and it’s representatives to discuss the implications of DCO and its impact upon their members and operational requirements.
6, to submit and circulate genuine, transparent, accurate joint communications, advising you the workforce of the content of our discussions.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said;
“It is disgraceful that Arriva have wrecked the talks process and refused to discuss a set of six proposals that could have protected passenger safety and taken us towards a solution. As a result of that contemptuous attitude the action goes ahead as planned and the blame for the disruption to service lies solely with Arriva Rail North.
"The travelling public will be rightly angry that ARN are prepared to play as fast and loose with the talks process as they are with passenger safety. They must be forced back to the negotiating table and need to prove that they are prepared to talk seriously."


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