RMT strike on Stagecoach South West goes ahead

RMT strike on Stagecoach South West goes ahead

15 October 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT confirms strike on Stagecoach buses in South West goes ahead Monday as part of campaign for pay justice as bus industry faces staffing crisis.

BUS UNION RMT confirmed today that strike action on Stagecoach buses in the South West goes ahead on Monday as part of the fight for pay justice for bus workers.

The union has reacted angrily by attempts by Stagecoach managers to try and link any pay deal to cuts to existing staff benefits, meaning that a pay increase would only be awarded with savage reductions in sick pay and other basic working conditions. Management failed to make any serious offer in acas talks today.

The scandal of bus worker pay, where drivers earn less than £23,000 for taking responsibility for the safety of a packed vehicle and are left alone and vulnerable late at night, is sparking an exodus which will hit school children ‎and the poorest in our communities hard.

Strike action over the same issue that was scheduled to take place in East Midlands, Derbyshire and Yorkshire has been suspended to allow consideration of a revised offer.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said:

“The massive vote for action by Stagecoach members reflect the growing disgust amongst South West bus workers at being kicked in the teeth on pay while inflation and wages elsewhere are rising steeply. When drivers and other staff, who are key transport professionals providing lifeline services, can earn more in supermarkets and fast-‎food joints it's no wonder they are voting with their feet in the current labour market.

“Instead of responding positively to the justified ‎anger from their staff with a fair offer the Stagecoach operation has instead resorted to a gutter campaign of abuse against their workforce designed to provoke a public backlash. They could have made progress in talks today but they refused. It is a disgrace.

“It's well established now that we are facing a national shortage of bus drivers as staff leave over poor pay and conditions. It is ridiculous that Stagecoach have chosen this moment to hammer their staff over pay. The consequences for local services will be horrific.

“RMT is fighting for professional wages for professional bus workers and our members are leading that charge.

“We have had no option but to continue with the action on the 18th October in the South West and the company should stop their attacks on their staff and start talking seriously about a just and fair settlement.”‎

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