RMT submission for Annual Cleaning Excellence Awards

RMT submission for Annual Cleaning Excellence Awards

17 November 2021

RMT Press Office:

RMT tells Annual Cleaning Excellence Awards ‘real recognition must mean a pay rise’ and calls on judges to recommend justice for shortlisted Churchill’s railway cleaners.

RMT, the UK’s specialist transport union, has called on the judges of this year’s Cleaning Excellence Awards to acknowledge that the high performance and heroism of cleaners throughout the Covid crisis must be rewarded with pay rises. The union has also challenged the judges to recommend that Churchill, which has been shortlisted for four awards, must lead the way and settle the grievances of the cleaners who have put them in line for the prizes.

RMT, which represents more than 1000 railway cleaners on four contracts held by Churchill in London and the South East. issued the challenge in a submission to the judges made ahead of the awards event, which is being held online on Wednesday 17th November.

In its submission RMT pointed out that in a recent survey 61% of Churchill’s rail cleaners on these contracts said they struggled to get by on what they earned, 69% had gone into work when sick because the company has no occupational sick pay and 61% had reported they didn’t have enough staff to do the job properly. It also included first-hand comments from Churchill cleaners. RMT has submitted pay claims to Churchill aimed at tackling these problems, but so far, the company has made no acceptable offer.

RMT General Secretary Mick Lynch said;

“These awards are all very well but unless they involve companies like Churchill properly recognising and rewarding the heroic actions of their workforces, they risk becoming empty branding exercises.

“The facilities management industry needs to put its rather grubby house in order and both the judges and Churchill could use this event to show a bit of leadership and start turning praise into pay rises.”

Notes to editors

•             RMT’s submission to the judges can be downloaded here: https://bit.ly/3kH8UTr

•             The Cleaning Excellence Awards take online between 0930 and 1530: https://www.cleaningmatterslive.co.uk/cm_live/en/page/agenda 


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