RMT survey of Carillion members

RMT survey of Carillion members

23 January 2018

RMT Press Office:

RMT survey of Carillion members reveals 88% had not been contacted by liquidator

RMT members employed by Carillion face uncertainty in the wake of the privateer’s collapse – due to government inaction – according to a recent survey carried out by the union.
The union surveyed its Carillion membership electronically on Friday 19th January. Findings include:
•         88% had not been contacted by the liquidator, and of the fraction who had been contacted some 30% were not satisfied with the information they had received.
•         70% were not satisfied with the information they had been provided with by Carillion, whilst a further 8% had not been provided with any information at all.
•         Just 16% had been contacted by the company for whom the contact they were working on was being delivered (the client, e.g. Network Rail).
•         Just 7% believed that the client was not putting its own financial considerations before the well-being of the workforce when considering the future options for the work.
•         The vast majority (70%) want the work they were working on taken in-house.
•         Just 6% of the workforce believe the UK Government has handled the crisis well or very well.
Comments from Carillion workers include:
“They have told us to keep working till the end of January but not to look for other positions because they might be alright, and might need us for 3 months. Apart from that the media knows more than us, the media knew we were liquidated before us, the media knew the fuel cards were cancelled before us!”
“I live hand to mouth and have three children a wife and a mortgage, if my future isn’t decided soon I could end up on the streets. I work hard and haven’t taken a single day’s sick pay in the four years at Carillion, the current situation is making me feel stressed and ill.”
“What is the plan going forward? The silence is deafening”.
RMT General Secretary Mick Cash said:
“The survey of our members shows that the collapse of privateers Carillion, and the ensuing chaos for the workforce, is further proof that the essential services that the company was responsible for should be in public hands.
“Our members and all Carillion workers need immediate guarantees from the government that their employment is ongoing and secure.”

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